The modern technological courses are taught using our advanced kits specially designed for educational purposes by our qualified engineers specialized in different domains.

A curriculum using our projects and kits are designed considering every student’s unique way of learning whether they are kinesthetic or visual learners or non-readers. Originx curriculum has been designed keeping overall development of students in mind.

Our modern world demands specific personal skill sets along with the technological intelligence to thrive through the ever demanding and rapidly changing world outside.

To meet this need, we have put together skill-based courses, which have been listed below:

Design of Originx curriculum makes children learn through enquiry, exploration, debate, application, collaboration and challenges resulting in development of ideas, which is then brought into life under the guidance of our STEAM trainers. Mock investment sessions are conducted with demonstration of these prototypes explaining the conflicts resolved and creativity included on stage improves their public speaking, customer service and people management and financial planning skills.