Originx Innovation Lab - The Origin of Exploration!

Be a part of the future starting now, at an innovation lab like no other, preparing you for a future taken over by technology and artificial intelligence. 

Step into the future and witness the magic unfold!

Originx lab provides students a place to create, discover, design, engineer, and build. Originx lab is a platform where students will be provided with guidance, counseling, mentorship, and training on their respective career paths that matches their aptitudes and interests.

At originx we provide a dedicated high-tech learning space to start and invigorate our student’s career explorations. Having a dedicated space for access to advanced technology and space where students feel empowered to engage in high-level problem-solving is critical for student development in the 21st century. Our stunning new innovation lab provides students the tools, space, and guidance to inspire and nurture discover their potential. Through real-time critical thinking and trial-and-error activities, students learn to design solutions to real-world problems. It will help and support to students to work independently and collaboratively for robotics and stem competitions, and extra-curricular activities from any discipline.